2 Signs Your Car Needs New Tires Now

Do you know how your tire choices will affect your ability to stop during a rainstorm? I didn't used to think that these kinds of things mattered that much, but after carefully considering my options a few years ago, it really became clear that I needed to focus on choosing better wheels for my car. I was able to work with a tire professional to narrow down exactly what I needed, and within a few months, it was obvious how much of a difference it was making. This blog is all about finding great tires that will work for your car.

2 Signs Your Car Needs New Tires Now

25 October 2017
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Even if your car's tires are old and worn out, you may feel that you can get a little more use out of them. However, if your tires are showing any of the signs discussed below, you need to replace them with new ones as soon as possible:

Little to No Tread

When your tires are in good condition, the tread serves a couple of purposes. Not only does it help the tires grip the road and keep the vehicle from sliding, but the gaps in the tread serve as a channel through which water is pushed away from the tires.

However, if your tires have little to no tread, the surface of the tires become slick and unable to fully grip the pavement. Also, the channels become nearly nonexistent, making your already slick tires travel on top of the water. Eventually, these conditions could make your car hydroplane, leaving you in a ditch or causing you to have a serious accident.

To check the tread on your tires, run your hand along the surface of the rubber. If you notice multiple areas that are smooth and only have very shallow grooves, you should have them replaced to keep from sliding on the road while driving.

Visible Metal Bands

While you are checking the tread on your tires, also look for visible metal bands. These bands are usually enveloped in the rubber to give the tires their shape, as well as give them added support and strength.

However, when the tires and tread start wearing down, these bands will start to show through. Not only are the bands a signs that the rubber has seriously deteriorated, but they also mean that you may be in danger of having a blowout on the highway.

When the bands become exposed, they are likely to break from the weight and pressure of your vehicle. Once broken, the sharp tips can poke a hole in the tire, making you either have a flat tire or a blowout from the sudden release of air pressure inside the tires.

If you see any bands showing through your tires, they are no longer safe to drive on. Avoid driving your car any long distances and have the tires replaced as soon as possible

If your tires are exhibiting any of the above signs, they may be in imminent danger of blowing out or causing a potentially serious accident. Take your car to a tire shop so they can fit your vehicle with new tires before your old ones leave you stranded on the road.