How To Get That Bounce That Rides From The 'Hood Have

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How To Get That Bounce That Rides From The 'Hood Have

3 April 2019
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Watch certain rap music videos and you get the idea that every rapper has a car that bounces up and down or rolls up and down on its shocks. While it makes for good entertainment, getting this effect on your vehicle in the real world is a little more difficult. Here is how to get that iconic bounce "rides from the 'hood" have.

Elevate the Car from the Axles

In order to prevent your axles, tires, and wheels from busting every time the car bounces down and then up, you have to elevate the body of the car above the axles, tires, and wheels. A special chassis lift frame is installed under the vehicle before attaching to each axle. This gives your vehicle (and the mechanic) six to twelve inches of clearance to install the next components.

Install Hydraulic Cylinders That Lift and Lower the Vehicle off of Its Tires

It is a set of hydraulic cylinders that allow the guys in the music videos to bounce their vehicles. Each cylinder attaches to the lift frame you just installed, and then to the body of the vehicle. A button on the dash of the vehicle is connected to the cylinders, allowing you to control every up down movement by pressing and released compressed air from the cylinders. Pressing the button repeatedly gives the car that classic rapper bounce. 

Install Custom Steel Rims

In order to handle the force to which the body of the car and the lift chassis will be exposed, you are going to need steel rims. Not just any steel rims will do either. These have to be custom rims that are thicker, stronger, and more durable than most other rims. Companies like XD Wheels can help you design rims that will take the force of the bouncing car as it rolls down the street. 

Use Heavy Duty Tires

Super-thick, heavy duty tires are the only tires that can handle the force that this bouncing car delivers. If you put any standard tire on the custom steel rims, expect to keep paying for new tires every time one or more of them is blown after being repeated hit into the road by the car's bouncing. Besides, the thick tires may actually look really good on your vehicle after you have done all of the above work to get it to do what you expect it to do.