Do you know how your tire choices will affect your ability to stop during a rainstorm? I didn't used to think that these kinds of things mattered that much, but after carefully considering my options a few years ago, it really became clear that I needed to focus on choosing better wheels for my car. I was able to work with a tire professional to narrow down exactly what I needed, and within a few months, it was obvious how much of a difference it was making. This blog is all about finding great tires that will work for your car.

Tires For Different Seasons

27 July 2017
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Not all semi truck tires are created equally. In fact, there is a great deal of science and engineering that goes into making each type of tire the very best piece of equipment that you have on the truck. Semi truck tire service is extremely important. If you are driving a truck for a living you understand just how important it is to be safe on the road. You have most likely seen a lot of dangerous situations and many of them may be due to loss of traction on the road. Read More …

3 1980s Muscle Cars With Your Choice Of V6 Motors For Turbo Restoration Projects

20 July 2017
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The '80s were a unique era for sports cars. During the 1980s, compact cars were becoming a popular alternative to some of the big muscle cars of the past. The domestic manufacturers still made some muscle cars, such as the popular Ford Mustangs and Chevrolet Camaros. These domestic cars also began to include V6 packages. Here are some of the best muscle cars from the '80s with V6 motors for your next restoration project: Read More …